Why Does Granny Cry?

Every time the answer’s a sigh,
A forced smile, a roll of the eyes.
But once they appreciated her fabled pie,
Her stories, kind old heart, books and her time.

Now nobody has a dime to give,
Because they all have “lives to live”.
But Granny remembers even if she forgets
The way her heart swelled when she saw her cute “pets”.

But now her picture frame lies upside-down,
Visits forgotten, her shouts of ‘slow down’!
Have turned to stark silence, her house oh so still
They’d come if they could, she’s sure that they will!

But she is now bound to forget
Just where she has put, or where she last set
Her glasses, her slippers, her joy – 
Her emotions played around with like a damaged toy.

Her lonely abode,
Her family rushing straight past
Her mind bearing this load - 
Too fast for old Granny to catch.

She sits in her chair and weeps,
She tries to remember:
The dreams of past times still do upset her,
She remembers when her family still sent her a letter.
Oh, why did they all just HAVE to forget her?

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