Welcome to Armchair Poetry

Pull up a chair and stay a while!

Welcome to my Poetry Blog!

Welcome one and all to my very own garden of assorted poetry. Stay a while, take a look and perhaps leave some comments and feedback if you wish.

My goal with this blog is to create a space where I can share my poetry on a variety of topics that take my interest. Rather than focus on a niche or solely on one style, I want this to be an endeavour of exploration and, most importantly, something to enjoy rather than a chore!

I hope you enjoy my poems.

– KK

Latest from the Blog


Heels striking the cold stone In the open arms of day Slip into visions of Crackling glass that Explodes into sparks in The depth of night, One figure intertwined in The closed embrace of darkness With only an occasional silhouette Illuminated by the coy glare of streetlamps – Tears of joy streaming down A faceless…


Desert-starved mouths thirst for The sounds of wordless hymns sung, Dying on stale air, Crashing on walls of sandstone silence That reverberate into wordless, then Screaming glossolalic rhythms Fed by drought-wrought sermons, Carrying a promise of water.

Cries of a Crocodile

I yip and yap, Yet brood all day, And look for stupid Things to say. I spy and glare And mutter too, To find a little Thing to do. I do not help, Just sit and judge And when they call I do not budge. But when I need A spot of aid That’s when…

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